Paradise Lake Improvement Board

Paradise Lake is an inland lake comprised of 1900 acres and is located in Emmet and Cheboygan Counties in northern Michigan near the “tip of the mitt”. It is an irreplaceable resource that provides fishing, boating, swimming, and other recreational opportunities to countless individuals who make use of and enjoy the lake. Additionally, Paradise Lake is a large contributory factor to the local economy.

For the improvement and betterment of Paradise Lake

Recognizing the need to effectively manage any and all invasive species and resulting health threats to the lake, the Paradise Lake Improvement Board was established on June 16, 2010 by the Carp Lake Township Board by resolution in accordance with Part 309, Inland Lakes Improvements, of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, PA 451 of 1994, as amended. In accordance with state law, the board consists of:

  • A member of the County Board of Commissioners appointed by the Chairperson of the county affected by the project.
  • A representative of each local unit of government or if there is only one local unit of government involved, 2 representatives must be appointed.
  • The County Drain Commissioner or his/her designee (or a representative of the County Road Commission in counties not having a Drain Commissioner)
  • The fifth member of the board is a riparian owner selected by the other members of the LIB. If a lake association represents the majority of the lake front property owners, this fifth member shall be selected from the association submitted list.
Paradise Lake Improvement Board

Working together to effectively manage any potential invasive threats to Paradise Lake