Happenings on Paradise Lake…

2024 Survey and Treatment Update

RLS will be surveying Paradise Lake on June 18 & 19. The Board will then be advised of any treatment for EWM needed this season along with a map of the site(s). All data will be posted on the website when provided to the Board.

August 2023 Lake Survey

Attached is the EWM map from the survey that was completed on August 1st and August 2nd 2023. The map only shows the areas we would have recommended for treatment, which do fall on the Cheboygan side. There are still some scatted areas of EWM on the Emmet Co. side, however, the vast majority has been eliminated from this spring’s treatment.
As far as the native vegetation goes, it’s not really causing a huge recreational issue for the lake and this vegetation is great for the fishery and overall lake health. This vegetation provides cover for the panfishes and other baitfishes, also allowing cover for predatory fishes to ambush their pray from which will help the predator- prey relationship function as normally as possible. It also provides a substrate for Maco-invertebrates to thrive in to help support the bottom part of your food chain. Not only does it provide vital habitats it also provides oxygen back to the water Column which also aids in breaking down rich organic matter (muck) and avoiding accumulation.
The lake has looked great and has plenty of vegetative diversity. During the survey, there were 20 native species identified and only 1 exotic and that was Eurasian Watermilfoil . The predominant native species that is encroaching the top of the water column is Large Leaf Pondweed that has the big broad leaves. There are also a few areas dominated by flat stem Pondweed, Thin Leaf Pondweed, and Richardson’s Pondweed ( Ladder Leaf Pond Weed).

2023 Lake Treatment Completed

The Lake was treated June 14.  PLM had two (2) boats out on the lake. A crew was also on land posting notices, notifying property owners.  About 95 acres were treated at a cost of approximately $51,000.
Lake should be perfect for the Fourth of July celebration!

What is the Weed Suction Boat?

Suction Harvesting Boat

8/02/2018: The suction boat arrived as of last Friday where it was successfully tested at the public access site by Dale Berry and Bob Smith.  The purpose of acquiring this boat is to aid all riparians in the removal of weeds that have drifted onto their shoreline, especially those who reside on high embankments.  This also gives those residing in areas beyond the aeration system a little more bang for their buck.  The operation of the boat is optimized with the aid of three persons, one operating the pump and bagging of the weeds, one operating the suction end of the hose and one raking the weeds towards the suction.

Operation manual for Suction Boat

PLIB Twitter account

In response to SAD members asking for some way to get notices for updates to our webpage, the PLIB has opened a Twitter account. What this means is that if you “Follow” us on Twitter, you will receive tweets from us on your device (computer, tablet, or smartphone). The PLIB can be found at paradiselakelover.

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The first time, do a search for paradiselakelover. When the tweet is found, click on the “follow” button. Now you will be notified of every tweet the PLIB sends out.