Happenings on Paradise Lake…

May Meeting Canceled

Because of the extension of restrictions in place due to the Novel Coronavirus, the May meeting is being canceled. The July 8 regularly scheduled meeting will be the next meeting. Watch this webpage for any updates concerning social distancing and the wearing of masks during meeting attendance.

Canceled due to COVID 19

Carp Lake Township to Host Speaker on Septic Systems

Carp Lake Township has scheduled Grenetta Thomassey PhD from the Tip of the MItt Watershed Council to speak prior to the regular township meeting on Wednesday, April 1. Thomassey will address the effect of septic maintenance for lake health and steps being taken around the state to address septic conditions. The meeting will take place at 6 P.M. on Wednesday, April 1, at the Township Hall at 6339 Gill Rd.

Paradise Lake Lake Improvement Board 2020 Meeting Schedule

The Paradise Lake Improvement Board will hold regular meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in May, July and August concerning matters relating to Paradise Lake. The Budget Public Hearing will precede the August meeting. There will also be a November meeting with presentation of the 2020 Lake Report. Date for this meeting is to be determined later. Meetings are held at the Carp Lake Township Hall.  

Help Wanted – “Captain” for Weed Collection Boat

Looking for someone to operate/supervise pontoon suction boat. Duties:  train workers; maintain schedule; maintain the pontoon; accept weed pick-up requests; have vehicle to be able to dispose of weeds.

  • Period of operation:  Mid-June through Mid-September, approximately 5-6 hours per trip
  • Pay rate:  $15/hr.
  • Contact Bob Smith at

Many hands make light work!

Interested in helping on the harvesting boat?  Please contact:

This sucks… but, in a good way:-)

Suction Harvesting Boat
Our new suction harvesting boat! Ain’t she a beauty!

The suction boat will be operating Thursday August 2nd and Friday August 3rd between Ashbaugh Point and Maples Resort.  Have your weeds gathered up and lend a hand if you are available:-).

SUCTION BOAT UPDATE 8/02/2018: The suction boat has arrived as of last Friday where it was successfully tested at the public access site by Dale Berry and Bob Smith.  The purpose of acquiring this boat is to aid all riparian’s in the removal of weeds that have drifted onto their shoreline, especially those who reside on high embankments.  This also gives those residing in areas beyond the aeration system a little more bang for their buck.  The operation of the boat is optimized with the aid of three persons, one operating the pump and bagging of the weeds, one operating the suction end of the hose and one raking the weeds towards the suction.

Dale Berry is the chief operator of the boat and it is currently being stored at his residence.  We are asking for volunteers to help him operate the boat.  If you can help, please forward to me who you are and when you would be available  Bear in mind that weather and disrupting schedules can totally change any projected schedule.  The weeds that are suctioned up are fed into 50# onion sacks, or perhaps just piled onto the deck of the boat, then transferred to a vehicle for transport to the township dump site or to whoever would like them for mulch, etc,.

Hot Off The Presses!

Imagine Magazine

The featured article about Paradise Lake’s “green” maintenance strategies can now be seen in Imagine Magazine.  Check it out!  We’re famous:-)!

PLIB National Press Release

Going Green!

Northern Michigan Lake Opts for Innovative Eco-Friendly Lake Management Plan

Paradise Lake in Carp Lake Michigan leads the way with a “green” environmentally friendly lake management strategy that includes a new and original approach … Read the release in full.