Survey Update

Because some SAD members have not yet received their surveys, the PLIB has agreed to accept any survey received by Friday, October 9.

If you have not received your survey by Monday, September 21, email the PLIB using the form on the Contact page to request a new survey. Include the following information: Name(s) of owners, parcel number(s), a correct mailing address, and a copy of a photo id with the mailing address. This will be cross checked with the records from Emmet County. If everything corresponds, duplicate survey(s) will be mailed. If not, you will be sent an email explaining the situation.

If you will be present in Carp Lake on or after September 21, you may arrange to pick up a duplicate survey. Email the information listed above and include a phone number where you can be contacted. Then bring the photo id with you to collect the survey.

Survey Tabulation

A meeting of the PLIB sub-committee on a survey has been set for Friday, October 9, at 6 P.M. at the pavilion at the Carp Lake Township park on Paradise Trail for tabulation of surveys.

The meeting is set for the pavilion due to current Covid 19 restrictions on number of persons at indoor meetings. This meeting is open to the public. Attendees should consider bringing their own chair as tables will be used by subcommittee members for the counting process. Masks are recommended.

If regulations change, the meeting may be moved indoors. Change notices will be posted.

November, 2020, Meeting Date Set

At the August meeting, and after consulting with Jennifer Jones, PhD, on her schedule, the PLIB set the November meeting date for November 11 at 7 P.M. at the Carp Lake Township Hall on Gill Rd. Any changes required because of Covid19 regulations will be posted as needed.