The Lake Board is considering the possibility of forming a sub-committee to research septic system management and improvement opportunities.  This would help to better understand the township, county, and state regulations, in addition to consulting experts to determine best practices, and researching if there are any federal assistance or grants that could be pursued to help maintain the high quality of Paradise Lake.

If enough volunteers offer to serve, the Board will take up the issue at a future meeting.  The Lake Board has no authority over regulating septic systems around the lake.  Any recommendations and information presented by the sub-committee would be presented to the Carp Lake Township Board for its consideration.

To volunteer, send an email with your name and information using the form on the PLIB website Contact page.


Hebron Twp. Lake Treatment

Here is the contact information for Hebron Township residents wanting to treat their lakefront property this summer.  Be advised that all costs for this treatment will be the responsibility of the resident and will be contracted with PLM.  The Paradise Lake Improvement Board does not have the authority to treat or pay for any areas outside of Carp Lake Township.

BreAnne Grabill, Environmental Scientist

Senior Regional Manager – North

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp.

PO Box 424, Evart, MI  49631

800-382-4434 ext. 2200

2021 Regular Meeting Schedule

The PLIB will hold regular meetings as follows.  All meetings begin at 7 P.M.  In person meetings are held at the Carp Lake Twp. Hall, 3669 E. Gill Road, Carp Lake.  Zoom information will be posted on the PLIB website  the week of the meeting on the Notices page.

Friday, April 30 – ZOOM meeting only

Wednesday, July 28 – In person or hybrid*

Wednesday, August 25 – In person or hybrid – Public hearing for 2022 Budget at 7 P.M. followed by regular meeting.

Friday, November 5 – In person or hybrid

*A hybrid meeting is an in person meeting with proceedings streamed live. 

SAD Roll


TIER #1       WATERFRONT     $244

TIER #2       BACK LOT             $122

TIER #3       COMMERCIAL     $488

TIER #4       COMMERCIAL     $244  (BACK LOT)

THIS REPRESENTS A 30% INCREASE TO 2020 ASSESSMENT      To locate your property on the SAD Roll, use Control F.

PLIB Special Assessment Roll 2021 (032221) – Updated 3-22-2021

Information Dissemination

All official information about Paradise Lake from the Paradise Lake Improvement Board appears on this website.